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Advocacy: Psych2Go

Hello, everyone. As you may have seen over the past few days, I have been writing articles about organizations and advocacy groups that I feel are helpful for Self-Advocacy, in that they are either informative or can offer direct assistance to victims of abusive relationships. Since I have been writing a couple of articles on The Dark Polygon and most recently, The Dark Empath, I would like to share a YouTube channel which I personally find to be very informative and easy to digest as a layman in the field of psychology. Even better, the videos made on the channel are done in a cutesy pseudo-anime cartoon style, which I find helps to make it even more entertaining. As a PhD student in Biomedical Sciences, I find that science is often hard to digest, even if I am looking through articles in my field. For one thing, academic research papers are dense. For another, they are not written to be particularly entertaining like a psychological thriller novel.

This will be my first article discussing YouTube channels. As a parent, a common criticism I hear about YouTube is that it's "mindless brainrot", and offers little to no educational value. I beg to differ. I have found several videos on YouTube to be highly informative and educational, and have used videos in the past to learn how to clean and maintain my 9mm handgun, do car maintenance, and as is obvious from this article, learn about psychology in an easy to digest, if not entertaining manner.

Without further ado, I would like to introduce the YouTube channel Psych2Go, as well as Psych2Go's main blog which is managed by over 1000 members, with varying levels of experience and expertise within the field of psychology and mental health. I introduce the YouTube channel separately, because that is how I first learned about the actual website.

Psych2Go has a little bit of something for everyone, as you can clearly see by visiting the blog. For the more visual and casual learners, I highly recommend watching the YouTube videos as I mentioned numerous times already. For the more scholarly, sophisticated individuals, there are more advanced articles, and there is even an academic research paper [1] that has been published about this organization. While looking through the website, I notice that there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer, sponsor, or advertise for the website, so if you're curious and would like to learn more, I would highly recommend you check out the website and reach out to the site administrators. In particular, it looks like they are currently looking for 2D animators, which I imagine they need to maintain their YouTube channel and add more content.

If you just want to casually skim through various topics in psychology, I would highly recommend articles from their e-magazine, which is a different blog located within Psych2Go's shop. There is always new content being added to this website, and I cannot recommend them enough. That said, I will of course, continue to include articles on my own website about toxic and dark personalities, because my main goal is to educate readers on how to advocate for themselves. As Sun Tzu says, if you know your enemy and yourself, you will find victory in every battle. Happy reading everyone!


[1] Miller, M.V. & CohenMiller, A.S. (2019). Open video repositories for college instruction: A guide to the social sciences. Online Learning, 23(2), 40-66.doi:10.24059/olj.v23i2.1492

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