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Back After a Long Hiatus

Soleil Belmont

Aug 11, 2023

Thank You For Your Patience

Hello those of you who are still following GSAG. I know I said a while back that I was ready to add a whole bunch of new content to the website due to some recent life experiences. However, these experiences took a bigger toll on my mental health than I thought they would, and I had to step back and recover from all the harsh, toxic, narcissistic toxicity I've been dealing with in my personal life. Long story short, I am going through a divorce, which in itself is bad enough, but add a couple of kids into the equation and an ex-spouse with a dark personality, and it becomes monumentally worse. Needless to say, I needed to focus on my own personal needs for a while.

In other news, I would like to introduce a new content creator to our site, invincible goddess, who has a history of toxic relationships and dealing with the day-to-day life challenges associated with living in a developing country plagued with a corrupt, ineffective regime. I am sure her experiences will be invaluable in expanding the scope and depth of GSAG to bolder and braver frontiers. For those of your interested in learning more about invincible goddess, you can view her profile through the following URL:

Finally, I still have a couple of blog articles on the backburner in "Draft" form that I was working on from a long time ago, so hopefully those should be up within the next day or so for anyone that is interested.

Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding, and I hope this website has been and will continue be helpful to those who need it. It's good to be back!

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